Guidelines for Keeping Your House Raccoon Free

One of the most common problems faced by many homes in the West is, infiltration of raccoons. Considered as one of the most versatile and adaptable animal/pest, raccoons thrive in surroundings wherein there is water in the nearby vicinity. However, raccoons are also found in large numbers in cities and towns too. Being completely omnivorous characters, raccoons, do not care about their eating habits as, they are seen consuming fruits, eggs, fishes, meat, veggies, etc. anything edible is grabbed up by these little creatures.
Now, coming to getting rid of raccoons from your premises, there are several ways with which you can tackle them, raccoon repellent being the best one. Some of the best and effective ones are as follows:
Laying Traps
This happens to be one of your safest and best bet, when it comes to removing raccoon nuisance from your homes. However, most countries prohibit the use of traps for raccoons, hence; one will need to take prior permission for laying a live trap. As, raccoons eat each and everything, choice of bait, to be put inside the trap will not be much of a problem for you. Raccoons, once caught, can be taken to far off locations and released.
Trash Protection
It is rightly said that, precaution is always better than cure, which suitably implies for raccoon control too. As far as possible, provide ample protection to your trash cans, so as to ensure minimum trespassing of the raccoons. Critter deterrents are also very essential. Keeping your trash and garbage cans fully protected will keep these creatures at bay as they are attracted towards the alluring and strong smell of waste products.
Keeping your Surrounding Areas Clean
Waste materials and unused foods lying around in your home periphery are one of the major reasons for the raccoons to make a visit to your place. Finding their quota of food supply all dried up in your home, raccoons, in all likeliness will move on to the next available option, offering you complete peace of mind.
Turn Yourself into an Unwelcoming Host
Fencing the area of your house or using raccoon spike will send a clear and strong signal to the creatures about you being in no mood to play a perfect host to them. However, as raccoons are known to be great climbers, ensure of installing an electric fence for extra protection and safety. Have each and every area of your home namely fish ponds, gardens, trees and shrubs, properly fenced.
Scaring Raccoons Away
Last, but not the least, employing suitable tactics to scare away the creatures, is an ideal option, when it comes to dealing with pest issues. There are varieties of devices like flood lights, ultrasound noise makers, sprinklers and radios, which you can turn to, for scaring away and keeping the creatures at bay.
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