Why Choose Alternate Solutions Instead of Harsh Pest Controls for Raccoon and Rodent Control?

Raccoon and rodent problems are very common in residential property owners’ houses especially those that are right in the center of nature and forests. Raccoons can be a huge nuisance especially when it comes to digging for trash and leftover food in the trash cans and leaving a mess and their feces all over the front yard or even backyard. These days, there are excellent solutions for preventing raccoons and other rodents from entering your property. Here are 5 reasons why you need to install a Critter Picker raccoon removal California on your property -

No chemicals or harsh substances used
With traditional pest control, chemical repellents and harsh liquid and substances are used for poisoning the pests and insects. These chemicals cause the pests to get intoxicated and leave them poisoned and dead on your property itself. This leads to a lot of other infections and spread of germs too.

With a raccoon deterrent California, you won’t have to worry about your property being loaded with all these chemicals and pest control substances. The critter control California is a high-quality plastic installation that directly prevents the raccoons and other pests from entering your property.

Easily installation and removal
The raccoon repellent products like Critter Picker can be easily installed by the trained professionals and also removed easily when you are shifting houses. The entire installation process barely takes any time and is the most convenient way to prevent rodents from entering your property.

Can be installed anywhere
Right from your backyard and front lawn boundary walls to your swimming pool boundaries and house balconies, these raccoon repellents can be installed anywhere extremely easily. No drill machines or nails are required to install these. Simply high-quality glue is used which can be easily dissolved with the chemicals provided by the company installing them.

Cost-effective solution
As compared to extremely expensive chemicals and pest control solutions that cost a lot of money and need to be renewed from time to time, raccoon and pest repellant installations like Critter Picker are a way more cost-effective solution. You don’t need to sign an annual agreement for renewal, unlike the pest control companies.

Another advantage of having these raccoon repellents installed on the property is that you can protect your family from infections and health problems that develop from raccoon poop and further prevent heavy expenses altogether.

Extremely durable and long lasting
As compared to chemical solutions which tend to fade away over time and need to be renewed every now and then, plastic installments like Critter Picker need to be installed just once post which it lasts you a long time. One installment can easily last you a decade or more without getting spoilt.


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