Raccoon Problems And The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Them

A lot of people struggle with a serious raccoon problem in their backyards and their front lawns. People living in cities also suffer from these issues where the trash in the neighborhood attracts rodents, cockroaches as well as raccoons. Raccoons along with other animals with rats, bats as well as monkeys are some of the most common carriers of rabies. They not only carry this infection, they can easily spread this to other animals as well as humans by biting or scratching them.

Raccoons love to feed on leftover scrapes of food, carcasses as well as fruits and sweet vegetables. This is why most of the times you will find raccoons digging in trash cans and garbage bags. By keeping your trash cans covered and secured with a heavy object on the lid, you can avoid raccoons from visiting your vicinity. This is one of the best methods of raccoon removal Florida. Raccoon poop is another annoyance amongst neighborhoods where there are a lot of raccoon visits. The feces of raccoons is extremely dangerous and can cause the most harmful disease spread through this animal called ‘Raccoon Roundworm’ which is difficult and expensive to treat as well. This can be especially harmful if you have kids, toddlers and even pets running around in your backyard or front lawn that can be exposed to the feces and in turn, the infections.

A lot of people choose different types of scare tactics to avoid the raccoons from roaming around their swimming pools and pounds by placing a floating alligator head. However, a lot of people have noticed how this doesn’t really help in avoiding raccoons because a lot of times the alligator head turns upside down or gets stuck in the skimmer! This is where Critter Picker comes to the rescue and a lot of people swear by this innovation. This critter repellent has a lot of tiny sharp spikes made of polypropylene plastic which is of high quality and excellent for all weather uses too. These can be easily attached to any surface using zip ties, screws or even adhesives. Since the surface and pokey and uncomfortable, raccoons and other wild animals won’t enter your property thanks to the Critter Picker!

Apart from these tactics, the main way to keep any wild animals off your property is by installing lights and sound speakers that will put off low frequency sounds to ward off the animals. As additional tip, it is best to keep your property clean of fruit droppings because raccoons love to eat sweet and extremely ripe fruits. Be sure to clean your garden every night before you sleep to avoid any ripened fruits from attracting raccoons and other creatures.


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